Green Slovenia

Across the impressive bridge, it goes back to the mainland. Rijeka seems to be the oil port of Croatia, everywhere you can see tanks. For us one last view of the Adriatic Sea, then we head north. To our astonishment, the ID cards are checked at the Slovenian border.

Everything looks very green. It looks cleaner than Croatia, I have not seen even one overflowing trash can. The further north we get, the more alpine it becomes – high mountains on both sides of the road and many curves, a very beautiful landscape. Unfortunately, the cloud mountains pile up and it thunders and rains vigorously.

We drive through the Julian Alps. From Bovec the road follows upstream the river Soca, which has a great color. Everywhere are places for rafting boats.

The Boka Waterfall is the highest in Slovenia. The water falls 106m directly from the karst holes underneath. Together with the lower part of the waterfall measures 136m. A short steep path brings me closer to the fall. A few crazy people climb the frozen fall in winter.

2 thoughts on “Green Slovenia

  1. Well, goodbye to the Adriatic but it looks like you hit gold anyway. Lovely scenery and fantastic water fall!!!

  2. And the wonderful river color looks like it could be from rock flour. Was there an alpine glacier upstream?

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