The Coast of Dalmatia

In the morning the sun is shining again and we circle the other half of the bay of Kotor. Fantastically beautiful!

Dubrovnic, the “Pearl of the Adriatic”, is not far. During our sailing time, we have visited the city extensively, today we only have a view from above.

On the Croatian coast, there is an 8km long, ocean-side corridor that gives Bosnia-Herzegovina access to the Adriatic Sea.

The coast is beautiful, but places to stay are hard to find, so we usually have to go to an officail campsite. We make a detour and the place we find is quite nice and has a beautiful beach.

The road follows the coastline and the views are magnificent, even if every few kilometers signs warn of wild boars. At any rate, we do not see any. For Split, the same applies as for Dubrovnic. It looks like our bonus (before the season) is over now. Everywhere it is quite crowded.

The parking lot in Trogir costs a proud 5 euros per hour. The old town of Trogir has almost preserved its medieval cityscape. However, tons of tourists are pushing through the streets. After an expensive lunch, the many souvenir shops and restaurants quickly drive us out and back on  the road.

Across a mountain we discover this beautiful bay. This place is completely to our liking.





3 thoughts on “The Coast of Dalmatia

  1. Wow. As always your photos are excellent. But truly, the last bay in the photo sequence was new to you? I would have thought your Croatia coastal experience had discovered all the magical places!

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