The Only Fjord of Southern Europe

The road follows the coastline, again and again magnificent views – on the city bar, on the hotel island Sveti Stefan, the city Budva and on many small bays and beaches. Partly beautiful, but far too often, the coastal landscape is totally built over.

We leave the coast and drive into the mountains to Centinje. A small road leads into the Lovcen National Park – a completely different landscape.

At some point, the diversion le adsback to the coast to Kotor. The road is being renewed, we drive past at least 15 large excavators. The roadway condition is awful – you can not call this “road”.

Finally we are back on a “normal” street. To Kotor there are 25 (!!!) serpentines. Fantastic views of the Bay of Kotor, the only fjord in southern Europe. The sometimes broken or rusted roadway boundaries are not exactly trustworthy. The driver has to concentrate very much.

In Kotor, tourists from three cruise ships are waiting for us. There is a large, but not cheap, parking lot near the old town. The 2000-year-old city invites you to tour the Middle Ages. As soon as you are away from the main race track, you are almost alone. At the campsite, however, one stands so close to each other, that we are awakened by the snoring of the neighbor the next morning.


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