Trip to our past in Montenegro

We leave Albania. Conclusion: Unfortunately, one does not know, whether still under construction, or already decaying again. Everywhere people are working, but there are many construction ruins. However, we only went along the coast and not inland. The people here are all exceptionally friendly.

Contrary to the predictions of over two hours, it takes only 20 minutes to cross the border into Montenegro. Maybe these people have not come through really bad border check points. The big Bentley in front of us comes from Kosovo.

Due to a construction site one can not drive via Ulcinj. The detour is much better than expected, the road is quite narrow, but there are always passing points and it is without any significant holes. When we reach the sea again, we still want to go Ulcinj, that is just a must. A well-developed road leads us to the southernmost city of Montenegro. Exactly 49 years ago there was only a dirt road and Ulcinj was a small nest. Today here are many hotels and restaurants. The village has grown tremendously. There is not much we can remember. The small beach was already there, almost no tourists – except us, of course. In the season it will be certainly very crowded.



One thought on “Trip to our past in Montenegro

  1. Well that looks like a lovely change from Albania. I’m so sorry to hear of such declines – anywhere they happen. One can only hope that the recycling that humans have managed to do through the ages, will come again to Albania. We, too, liked our time in Montenegro very much … but that was back in 1985, I think, and I believe I would not recognize much today. I will keep following your journey now though; it is mostly new reading for me from here to the north.

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