Shkoder – City in the North of Albania

Skoder is the northernmost Albanian city on our route. The campsite on the southern outskirts is nicely laid out with a nice swimming pool.

The center of Shkoder is only about 3 kilometers away.

No problem with the bike, we are told in the reception. Of course distance wise, but it costs nerves. No road user adheres to any rules, every car stops where it just comes to the drivers mind. Pedestrian areas – what is this? In between the cyclists, right or left on the road, or even across it, you just have to wonder that nothing happens. We manage to reach the center to Seshi Demikracia, the central square or roundabout. Since a few years, a futuristic pillared monument, which replaced the monument of the victims of the guerrilla warfare of 1944, is enthroned here. Right next to it is the city theater.

Next the new main mosque “Ebu Bekr”. The two minarets are 41 meters high. Right now it is prayer time. Later I can visit unhindered the rather plain inside.

The clocktower was not easy to find, although it is one of the landmarks of the city. You can see the spire but you can not get there. The best view you have from the café next to it, where deafening music roars.

Back at the campsite, we can hear the singing from the courtyard of the neighboring church. Everything takes place outdoors.

An almost overgrown door leads from the campsite to another world. In the beautiful garden you can eat very well and not expensive.


Rozafa Fortress towers above the campsite. We ride our bikes a bit up the mountain. In the meadow ground on the other side the “Lead Moschque” can be seen, the name comes from the lead dome.


One thought on “Shkoder – City in the North of Albania

  1. At least it’s one of the first time I think “quite nice I would enjoy to visit this place”!!!!
    For sure even if this country looks “backward” it looks also quite nice and has lot of beautiful landscapes, your photos prove it!!!!
    I loved the “flowers lady”…….

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