Autoput to Tirana

It’s called “highway”, but the holes in the road are huge and remind of the autoput many years ago. Everyone is driving on the left side, it’s a bit better there. We drive many miles past uninhabited blocks of flats.

Then we are in Tirana, the capital of Albania. With the traffic jam we roll through the city. Parking in the second row is normal, many park even in the third row. Since it is impossible to find a parking space and the campsite is too far outside the city, besides everything does not look so tingling, we skip the visit and fight our way back out of the city. Such car numbers are obviously common here, we see them quite often. It is a temporary German license valid for one day.

The exit road to Shkoder seems a bit better, but you have to pay attention to somethin unexpected. We drive past countless furniture stores – Saudi tradition, here must be the furniture souk. There are also a lot of car washing stations. After yesterday, our vehicle needs it very badly. The young man wants 500 Leke (almost 4 Euro), in the end he gets 1000 Leke, he did a really good job.

We take a junction to the sea, but the driver refuses to drive his freshly cleaned car through such puddles. But in the end he is does. After the giant puddle we drive through a military area, photographing is prohibited. Everything is in a miserable condition. Then the road gets a bit better and we end up at a “campsite”, which looks very nice. Again, the idyll is deceptive, the toilet has no water, the shower only cold. But the sea is blue everywhere, although I’m not so sure about this. The city with its sewage is not far away …


2 thoughts on “Autoput to Tirana

  1. Obviously Albania i s not a country for tourism….. A friend of mine visited its 20 years ago, I am afraid she would not find a lot of change, apart there are more cars and more buildings!! It’s the first time you need to wash the camper that much!!!!
    I am sure the driver might grumble quite often….Ah! Ah!
    Much love

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