Country of the Skipedaris

The day starts pretty well. We have a nice breakfast. The fisherman brings his catch to shore.

Then it gets scary black in the sky and it starts to flash and thunder. What the hell, then we read or sleep a bit.

After the sky calms down, we continue. The port city of Vlore is the third largest city in the country. There is a lot of traffic and many construction sites and diversions. Once again, we notice that Mercedes is the car here, mostly SUVs. The horse cart doesn’t really fit to that.

Our guide book says, you should not miss the monastery island Zwernec and there should also be parking spaces. The drive through a burnt forest is already pretty bad, but on arrival there is no turning possibility. We have to drive a long way backwards – and not interested in the cloister island anymore. From now on, we will treat the recommendations of our guide book with caution.

The road is unimaginably bad, the potholes are not visible because of the rain, they are filled with water. In particularly large holes stands upright a car tire. The coordinates for the campsites are wrong. Eventually we find a place, but the picture of the idyll is deceptive. The “street” to the place is potholed and muddy. Our camper is as dirty as it can be. I think, now we have arrived in real Albania.

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