The Bay of Porto Palermo

Porto Palermo is a protected bay on the coast of southern Albania. In the middle of the bay lies a small peninsula with a well-preserved fortress, the castle of Porto Palermo. It is said to have been built by Ali Pasha Tepelena around 1800 on the remains of a Venetian ruin. He ruled over much of what was then Ottoman Albania and Greece. For a small fee you can explore the castle, but you are lost without a flashlight. My camera shows the many rooms brighter than they actually are. It is pitch-dark here. Via a staircase (flashlight!) you get to the roof. From here you have a great all-round view.

At the northern end of the bay of Porto Palermo is a former submarine base of the Albanian Navy  and the coastal road clearly the entrance of the submarine bunker is clearly visible from the coastal road – from the sea, it is not visible. Today, the base is unused, but still in the possession of the Navy and therefore military restricted area.

The slope of the bay is completely overgrown with agaves.

Right behind us we find our place for the night with a beautiful pebble beach. Far out on the sea the Aida drives past on the way to Corfu. Luckily cruise ships do not dock here. The water is crystal clear, but otherwise there is still some work to do on the beach.

4 thoughts on “The Bay of Porto Palermo

  1. Very interesting with the photos, the flashlight did a good job!!!!!
    I read that the name of the country “Albanie” in french comes from latin “Albus” which means “white” to refer to the snowed summits . It’s also said that “Shqipëria” in albanian means “e

  2. I don’t know what I have done but the mail is gone… so I was saying that in Albanian it means “eagles ground”!
    The water was good apparently!
    I will get my E bike today……..
    Much love

  3. Hello Travelers! I have just gone back to read some of your last posts using my big computer screen; much better than reading on my phone or kindle which are not so good for your photographs! So – maybe a few comments but, for sure, this is a very interesting place. THANK YOU.

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