Albanian Riviera

About 20 kilometers after Igoumenitsa begins Albania. The small Balkan country is now accessible and is considered very safe, we have opted for this route to the north. The border crossing looks a bit like Haql (Saudi border station to Jordan) but it is surprisingly easy going. The road is amazingly good except that all of a sudden horses or sheep want to share it with us.

Sarande is located at the southern end of the Albanian Riviera. Not so long ago, it was a small fishing village without any infrastructure. Now it is a lively and very busy coastal town. That means for us: a lot of business, barely passable for campers, no parking. The city goes down the steep slope into the wide bay, which is totally enclosed. It all looks clean and nice, but for us it means quickly looking for a way to turn and out of the fray.

A few kilometers further on it looks quite different. The beach is crowded today on Sunday. Everywhere people are working and hammering- maybe everything will be prepared for the short season. Towards evening we are alone on the beach except a few horses and also the shepherd brings his flock home.


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