This time we are not lucky enough to be in front of the big tourist crowds. Luckily, they are lost field of ruins is huge.

In Olympia are the remains of the sanctuary of Zeus’ from the 11th century BC. Ch. The rubble of the ruin field is not the work of destruction of vandalizing conquerors but the legacy of the great earthquake of the 6th century AD. The huge column drums are still there as the earthquake threw them.

Since the 7th century B.C. the venue of the Olympic Games of antiquity was here. Since 776 BC Chr., the games are mentioned in a document. After more than 1,000 years, the Roman emperor declared Catholic doctrine a state religion and banned all pagan cults and thus the Olympics.

The Olympic flame for today’s Olympic Games is fanned with a concave mirror in ancient Olympia on the altar of Hera. The Hera Temple is said to be the oldest surviving Greek temple.

The ancient Olympic Stadium is surprisingly plain. It offered 40,000 spectators on its well-preserved earthen ramparts. Only the referees sat on stone benches to oversee the start and finish.

After so much ancient culture, we enjoy the peace in the small port of Katakolo. Fortunately, the cruise ship disappears right on our arrival.



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  1. Wow – this is a great site! As usual, your photos capture so much and you know just the important details to include in your text. Thank you again, my friend!

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