Melons from Messenia

Koroni is a tiny fishing village at the fingertip of western Peloponnese. There is a nice campsite nearby, we have to do some laundry. In the village we go by bike. As a sight, there is a Venetian fortress. No problem, we think. However, you can only reach the fortress via this staircase and you can only go back this way! But there are nice taverns to compensate.

After the Cape, we find another imposing castle in Methoni, which was also built by the Venetians after the expulsion of pirates here in the 12th century. The fortress, together with the fortress in Koroni, served as the “two eyes” of Venice as the main base for boat traffic to the “Holy Land”.

Messinia extends over all the westernmost finger and is the most fertile and greenest region of the Peloponnese. How green we notice in the morning, when we are awakened by loud engine noise. Ironically, at our overnight stop, melons are reloaded onto a large truck. And then we also get such a huge gift. Where to put it in our small camper? In a tiny harbor we find a great place to stay. A Danish family with two children just berth with their sailboat. They will like the fresh fruit!


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