Cape Tenaro

We want to reach the southern tip of the Mani peninsula. The road is getting narrower and steeper, no middle strip and no side fortification. Domy, you would be proud of me.

Finally we are there. The landscape looks like the Kornati in Croatia. On a tiny bumpy parking lot, a few cars and campervans squeeze. The Cape Tenaro is the southernmost point of the Greek mainland and is after the Spanish Tarifa, the second southernmost cape of continental Europe. On the top of the cape is a lighthouse, one can not see it but wander to it. That’s too stressful for me. A short hike takes me down to the small bay, behind which two completely unprotected mosaics can be seen.

Right next to the parking lot are the remains of an ancient Poseidon temple. Below is a cave, which was said to have been one of the entrances to Hades. The small (15cm tall) creature wonders with me about the “Oracle of the Dead”.

Here we do not want to stay for the night. A few kilometers further we find a better and quieter place in the middle of huge thistles.



One thought on “Cape Tenaro

  1. Still beautiful photos with nice or historic comments, a pleasure to follow you….
    What about “you would be proud of me”…. Is it about your choice of the road or because you were the driver ?????? AH! AH!!
    Fabien and the kids spent 4 days with me, they did a lot of things I couldn’t do, it was just
    happiness time.. Today it rains since this morning !
    Much love

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