Mykene, City of Agamemnon

The decision to destroy Troy has been made here. According to Greek mythology, Agamemnon gave orders to conquer Troy at his palace in Mycenae after Paris abducted beautiful Helena from the city. Heinrich Schliemann had only Homer’s epic and his firm belief in 1876 when he sought and found the city of Agamemnon.

When we arrive in the parking lot in front of the cash register, it is alarmingly black in the sky and you can already hear the thunder. Immediately afterwards it starts to rain. Our visit is postponed to tomorrow. But we are early on our legs and except us almost no one is on the site.

We enter the ancient city through the famous Lion Gate. Unfortunately, not much is left of the actual palace at the top.

On the way to the exit busloads of tourists enter the side now. The parking lot has become quite crowded and we are happy to have been up so early.

The best preserved is the Treasury of Atreus on the street just below the royal city. It is a dome tomb, which was created 200 years before the Trojan War. A real vault could not be built at that time, the wall rings are getting closer to the top and surmount the bottom by a few centimeters. Actually, the interior looks like a hive.


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