Trani and the fridge

Our fridge does not do what it should. The nearest town is Foggia, there should be a camper service. With much effort we find it – only to determine, closed today and tomorrow as well. What the heck, we are looking for a campsite on the beach, there runs the fridge with electricity. On May 1st we do a bike ride to nearby city of Trani. Because of the holiday hell is going on here. We cycle past the cathedral and the Castel and then get out of the traffic.

The next day we try our luck in Bari and lo and behold, the mechanic is good and our fridge is working again! And I’ve already set myself several times a day roulades or goulash (which is stored like in our freezer).

Then it’s off to Brindisi. From here the ferry goes to Igoumenitsa in Greece. We are lucky and can take the ferry this evening. Hopefully we are in Greece as lucky as in Italy and are connected to the Internet.

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