The last campsite in Spain is so full, that’s not our cup of tea. We realize once again, we are no campers, maybe we should call ourselves travellers…

No, thanks, we’ll continue. The last city before the border is Ayamonte and offers a parking space in the port. It looks very nice, the operation is fully automatic. You can choose the languages, but it is still very complicated. The only co-user (Spaniard) needed three hours on the phone yesterday three hours on the service phone to get it working!!! With his help, we eventually succeed. But he leaves in the evening. How will we get out through the barrier? After several attempts, after futile phone calls, etc. after more than an hour, the barrier opens – no clue why.

But Ayamonte is a nice town…

One thought on “Travellers

  1. Well, there are campers and there are campers. It seems to me that camping does not have to include “group togetherness” and is not our kind of camping either! Thank goodness there are places for group campers so you can still find the R&T places!

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