La Donana

We leave the main road Cordoba – Huelva. The village of El Rocio on the edge of the National Park Coto de Donana has a touch of Western romance. The streets and squares drown in the sand. Normally the horse is the best way of transportation here. Once a year at Pentecost, El Rocio becomes the center of Andalusia during the Romeria, a pilgrimage over one million pilgrims from all over Spain join. During these few days  the largest horse concentration in Europe is here in El Rocio.

Today is All Saints Day and there is obviously a kind of small pilgrimage. The tiny village is filled with cars, riding a the horse would be the best option! Pilgrims crowd into the church with the Madonna.

After that, the pilgrimage seems to be a happy feast.

The National Park of the Donana spreads along the coast. There must have been a fire not too long ago. For many kilometers we drive through burnt trees to the right and left of the road. Even the campsite is just a ruin.

The Parador a few miles further was spared. There is a large car park and a beautiful beach.




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