Visit in Nerja

Soon we reach Nerja. How many times have we been here for the mango harvest and have enjoyed the view from high above the valley to the city and the sea. But Finca MonTor became Casa Monika. The view from here is also quite nice. Many plants have moved and feel well here.

Today there is a cheese market in Nerja. Many regions of Spain introduce themselves.

The setting sun conjures a beautiful view from the “Balcon de Europa” to the coast.

Acebuchal is a tiny mountain village in the hinterland of Frigiliana above Nerja. In 1948, the authorities ordered the residents to leave their homes because they were suspected of supporting and hiding rebels. The village became a ghost village and remained completely uninhabited until 1998. After that, a displaced man returned and rebuilt his village.


Many years ago we were here for the first time with Tobi. We were all alone, eating small simple but excellent tapas. Today, the family runs a good-going restaurant with excellent food, and without a seat reservation it is difficult to get a table.

3 thoughts on “Visit in Nerja

  1. Wonderful Post. Please give our best to Monika!!! I will start to catch up with your journey when we depart for ours (probably Saturday). Hugs – j

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