The Moorish Past

The coastal road between Nerja and Malaga proves to be quite pretty. If we were looking for a place to stay, we would really be spoiled for choice. But we want to go to Cordoba today. The ride takes us through the charming coastal mountains before turning into monotonous olive plantations. The trees are full of fruit, even inside the car it smells of olives.

The Mezquita of Cordoba is unique in the world, mosque and cathedral in the same building.

Mezquita was built between 785 and 1009 by the Moors and the largest mosque in the world at the time. The cathedral was squeezed in in the middle of the 16th and 17th centuries at the time of Charles V.

West of Cordoba the Medina Azahara was built in the 10th century,  and was destroyed in the early 11th century by religious fanatics again. The excavations began in the early 20th century. Today you can walk through about a tenth of the original city. The rest has yet to be dug up. Countless pieces of the puzzle are still waiting to be inserted.


In the orange garden we find these fruits. Who can tell me what kind of fruit they are?

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