View the Med

We’ve been here way too long. It was nice again with you, but now we have to move on. The first section we drive across the country to Murcia, our fridge strikes a bit. But the help we get is great and everything is fine again.

The coast here is quite built over, many buildings are empty or exist as a ruin.

The Cabo da Gata has fortunately been spared by the construction boom.

The area around Almeria is dominated by plastic, i. Greenhouses made of plastic, which does not look nice, but all of Europe buys the tomatoes from here.

With Almerimar a huge retort town with a large marina was built in front of the greenhouses. For motorhome owners, there is a parking space in the harbor, where you can stand quite beautifully with a view of the snow-capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada.

If we ignore the stubborn attempts of our TomTomTussi just as stubbornly, our drive leads along the old road along the coast with beautiful views to the sea.



2 thoughts on “View the Med

  1. Yes, sometimes overriding the helpful GPS is very necessary or they can lead you far astray. The other problem is they don’t have a “scenic” setting … just “fastest”, “shortest”, or perhaps “most fuel efficient” … but not “scenic” or “adventurous” : )

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