Palm trees, mountains, ships and tapas

We spend nice days at TuT – extended breakfast, beach walks and excursions in the closer and further surroundings.

Elche is the city of palm trees in southern Spain and most of them are in the beautiful city park.

Here we can also admire the ancient lady, “la Dama del Elche”, of course only a copy, the original from the Iberian period can be seen in Madrid. I wonder if she was the model for Princess Leia…

On one of the next days, we reach Guadalest via a very curvy road, the flagship village with the rock face and a white bell tower. The castle was built by the Moors in the 11th century. In the tiny place is crowded with tourists.

We even manage to get a cool beer! The museum we admire only from the outside, here someone has really made an effort for this! The view is beautiful and free of charge.

Again and again TuT find a great place to surprise us with new tapas and other dishes.

On Sunday, the Volvo Ocean Race, the former Whitbread Regatta around the world, starts in Alicante. The event now takes place every three years. The regatta starts in Europe in autumn, the further route goes through the Atlantic, encircles Africa at the Cape of Good Hope, leads through the Indian Ocean via the South Pacific and around Cape Horn to South and North America and from there back to Europe. The regatta is considered one of the toughest in sailing. No question, we do not find parking in Alicante. But a restaurant on the beach, where we can eat well and are able to wish good luck to the great sailing ships of for their travel around the world.



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