Into Spain

The Col du Tourmalet is one of the classics of the Tour de France and the highest pass of the French Pyrenees. Tourmalet means “bad way”, but that doesn’t count for today. A very good road leads to the Col and to the ski resort of Le Mongie, which is rather less known in our part of Europe. A pity that it is so far away from us, the slopes look very good – if you imagine it snow covered.

On the first camper-trip together with our French friends we stayed on Col d’Aspin. And this is what we do today in the company of cows and horses. Today is Y.’s birthday, in memory we drink a glass of Vouvray. From time to time a sweaty cyclist or even a few motorcyclists come to enjoy the great view. The Col d’Aspin is one of the smaller Pyrenees passes with its 1489 meters, but it offers one of the most beautiful views.

From Arreau down in the valley winds up to the 3km tunnel of Bielsa, the gateway to Spain.

A nice ride takes us to Spain. Behind Ainsa we drive a long time beside a large reservoir, unfortunately with much too little water. We drive through fruit orchards, almond and olive trees, definitely, we are in Spain.

The Mirador del Ebro offers a fantastic view of Ebro and Matarrana, one believes to be in a Scandinavian fjord landscape.

If there was’t the little chapel. It was built to commemorate the place of Fayon, which had to give way to the built-up river dam. Only the church tower remains and still looks out of the water. Normally the chapel is closed, but we are lucky and a craftsman is there who has put his tool in the interior.


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