Cirque de Gavarnie

The weather is getting better and better and soon no clouds are visible. Should we manage to see the Cirque de Gavarnie this time? For us it is the third attempt, but there are be people who have tried ten time to see the impressive side. As we do not read our guide of the Pyrenees properly, we follow the pass road to Col du Tentes.

In endless serpentines the road leads to the Port de Boucharo. Here the road ends and only by foot Spain can be reached. You can see a notch in the rock face (which?), the “Breche de Roland”. Here, the legendary Roland has hurled his legendary sword Durandal when he was killed. Due to the force of the impact, the gap was built. Not only the Brits have legends …

Outside of the village of Gavarnie there is plenty of parking space, they are prepared for tourists. But at this time of the year it is no problem anyway.

Right next to our place I find a signpost and shortly afterwards this hut, unfortunately, it is closed.

The path to the famous Cirque starts right behind the village of Gavarnie. At first it is leisurely, but then it becomes steeper and steeper, then it continues via a high mountain path.

A huge amphitheater opens in front of me, the walls towering 1400m up into the sky, very impressive. The Grand Cascade is with 422m one of the highest waterfalls in Europe. The water comes from a subsurface glacial lake that has existed since the ice age. The given time is fairly short. In any case, I’m back at the camper four hours later and rather knackered.

But we want to go on …

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