Through the Pyrenees

Through Bayonne, the driver is again challenged by much traffic and the caprioles of our TomTomTussi.

Afterwards, it becomes more easy going if you ignore the many curves. From time to time the road is taken over by cows or goats.

We see the first pilgrims on their way to St-Jean-Pied-de-Port, as a stop on the way of Santiago de Compostela.

In St-Jean-Pied-de-Port there is a lot of pilgrim kitsch, but the town appears still nice.

Now we start our trip through the Pyrenee mountains, curves, curves, curves. Our first pass is the Col d’Osquich. We overtake several cyclists who work their way up with the strength of their own legs. Congratulation!

In Arudy, at the exit of the Ossautal, we spend our first Pyrenean night with the view to steep Pyrenean peaks.

The road winds up to the Col d’Aubisque, which is known to every Tour de France fan.

Up here, horses seem to have taken over.

For the pass road between Col d’Aubisque and Col du Soulor, there is a temporary one-way traffic control for vehicles over 3t. The road to Argeles crosses the mountain side, sometimes there are also tunnels without any lights. Luckily nobody drives towards us.

From time to time sheeps are blocking our way. The area is famous for its cheese, of course cheese from sheeps.


4 thoughts on “Through the Pyrenees

  1. Ah, this brings back some memories…a good few years since I saw the Pyrenees… And St Jean pied de Port in the pouring rain…

  2. Ahhh – looks like a place in which one should never be in a hurry! I wish I had a map of our one journey in the part of the world but I have no idea where the one I made had been “stored” : (

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