Beachy Head and Dover

10 days ago there was too much traffic to get to Brighton, allegedly a chemical accident on the highway. But now it is just as bad. No chance to come to Brighton. We are constantly standing in a traffic jam or rolling along the coast at the snail’s speed. Roundabout lines up after roundabout, sometimes three and even four directly behind each other. What happens when there is a lot of traffic and only one roundabout, everybody knows, nothing works!

We make it to Beachy Head. The name has nothing to do with the English word for beach. The cliff was named 1274 with the French word “Beauchef” (beautiful Cape), 1317 with Beauchief and from 1724 it changed to Beachy Head. It is said to be the highest cliffs in the UK (170m). The red and white striped lighthouse looks rather small despite its 44m. The storm Xavier just passes over us. It blows quite violently. Hopefully he has calmed down again until our trip.

To visit Canterbury would have been nice, but the same thing: roundabout after roundabout, car behind car. Somewhen we are fed up and “drive” via Ramsgate to Dover. Unfortunately, we have no luck to enter the ferry immediately, we have to wait until tomorrow morning and stay for the night on the esplanade of Dover.


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