Along the Coast

Everything has come to an end – also our visit and our reunion. When will it be next time? And where?

We drive over Salisbury back to the south coast. A seaside resort or a harbor town is still on our agenda. Portsmouth looks interesting. We drive into the city, no chance to park, also P & R not possible, 2m barriers! We drive to the island of Hayling, which is connected by a dam to the mainland and find a nice place at the seafront. Across the water you can see Portsmouth. We can see the Spinnaker Tower of Portsmouth from afar. No city sightseeing, but a long nice beach walk.

We have a quiet night, but in the morning we wake up by the noise of road constructions and so we are kind of early on our way.

The small town of Arundel is dominated by the imposing castle, over which the flag of the Duke of Norfolk wafts.

The garden is beautifully landscaped and must be gorgeous in summer.

One expects the benches and pavilions in stone, but everything is made of wood!

The chapel serves as a family tomb for the dukes of Norfolk and is filled with coffins, tombs, grave slabs, etc.

That’s what I found in the village:

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