From Cider to Calvados

Somerset is the “apple country” of the British Kingdom. We visit the Somerset Cider Brandy Company in the Burrow Hills.

Now in autumn the harvest is in full swing. The ripe apples are ground and pressed. This produces apple juice and, after the fermentation, apple wine, which is called cider here. It is one of the memories of my childhood, my uncle and my grandfather have each year apple wine pressed, of course in much smaller style. Everything had to be meticulously clean, we children had to be very careful. Unlike here … Maybe the alcohol kills everything.

Three months after the fermentation, the cider destilled and the outcome filled into special barrels, it gets a darker color and in a few years Brandy is made of it – in France it is called Calvados.

One thought on “From Cider to Calvados

  1. This was a great tour and your photos are super! We brought some spirits with us south but have yet to try them since our tasting in Somerset!

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