Gravel Beach

The weather is good and the water calm at our channel crossing.

Rainer tries an English breakfast, but isn’t very happy about it. Looks like plastic, tastes like plastic, maybe it is…

The white cliffs of Dover can be seen from afar.

And we in an instant we are on the island. Above the harbor of Dover we enjoy the opposite view – to France.

The area around Dungeness is declared a “desert” in Great Britain. It is the largest pure gravel site on earth.

There are quite strange plants here.

A peculiar and very beautiful landscape, only the campsite next to the nuclear power power plant does not appeal to us particularly.

We are still in good spirits, when we start our trip on the roads of England. Who knows that half London is spending the weekend on the coast? Car queques on every street, very heavy traffic! The unusual left-side driving does not make the whole thing even easier. But the skipper manages this with bravour, though somehow a bit tense. All I have picked out for looking at is cancelled, we only want to get out of this traffic. All campsites are either full or not to be found. Or you are rejected with the substantiation: It is after five and our money already in the vault …

After several unsuccessful attempts, we find a spot in a hiking park, where we spend the night alone – after all hikers are gone – and in complete peace.

5 thoughts on “Gravel Beach

  1. Oh dear, not a very pleasant arrival in this country! Is this your first visit? If so, let me know and I can give you a few tips to help you enjoy your stay. Hope you have a good night!

  2. It seems you are not feeling being welcome in this country…Ah!Ah!Hope the rest of your trip will change your mind, South of England is quite beautiful, as far as I remember! Say hello to Jamy and Greg when you will meet together, have a nice wedding party with your friends and hope you will later come back home from Spain via Orleans.
    I am leaving today, happy in one way and so sad , first trip without Yves, very hard …

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