From North to South

We continue over two large bridges, then the sign “Germany” appears before us.

We stay overnight on the Kiel Canal which connects North and Baltic Sea, even if we can only be “in the second row”. The bike path along the canal is very bumpy, but what can one do.

The Kiel Canal is the most used artificial waterway for seagoing vessels worldwide. We can watch huge container ships, tankers or ferries on the canal, or even small swans.

Our journey leads through the Tunnel below the River Elbe.

At the river Werra, I look for a campsite. By chance, we landed in a village that lay exactly on the inner-German border. Exactly on this road was the border fence.

The bridge was built in 1901. It was blown up in 1945 when the village of Lindewerra was annexed to the Soviet Zone. In 1999 the new bridge was inaugurated, which now connects Hesse and Thuringia.

270km to go and we are back home after 6 1/2 weeks and almost 9,000km.

Thank you for your travels and until next time!

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