Clochards in Stockholm

In the morning it is raining. Today we will reach Stockholm. We booked a place by phone. The campsite is located under the bridge in Langholmen and is a money-printing machine. Cars and mobile homes are parking below the bridge. In the rain, everything is dirty including the showers, for a proud 330 crowns a day, which is about 35 €. For toilets and showers you need a key, because the place is in no way secured. The only advantage of this place is the central location.

Pretty funny after more than 20 years to be back in the city, where you once have lived. Across the water, we can even see our house.

We know our way around, but everything is quite different. The old town is full of tourists – cruise ships in the harbor – see Tallinn.

We cross Gamla Stan and go to Östermalmstorget. The beautiful old market hall is being renovated or rebuilt. Who knows if it still will have the special atmosphere.

Our favorite little restaurant on Vasapark has closed on Mondays. Shame!At our ICA around the corner we buy a few things, a quick look at our doorstep, then the sky becomes seriously black. Just in time before the fierce thunderstorm starts, we are back at the campsite under the bridge. In the heavy traffic I hardly had time to take pictures. Our restaurant visit in the evening literally falls into the water.

The next day, the beautiful city of Stockholm shows itself from its most unpleasant side. It’s raining, it’s cold and building sites are everywhere. Our bike trip through the city will be quite useless.

In comparison to the Baltic States and Finland, Sweden is a developing country regarding the Internet, not just up in the north. Here on the campsite, located almost in the city center of the capital, there is no internet! At lunchtime rain stops and we are looking for a pub with Internet connection in Södermalm. In the evening the spook is over, we have wonderful, bright blue Nordic sky. This gives us the opportunity to go to the “Monkey Rock” in Södermalm, and get a wonderful view of the city before we will leave tomorrow.


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