Around the top of the Baltic Sea


In the morning at 10 o’clock almost 22 degrees, which is something quite new on this trip. We cross the border to Lapland today!

Actually we wanted to go out again on the last peninsula of Finland, but unfortunately, the (port) world is  blocked with barriers. So it goes straight to Sweden, behind the border greets an IKEA department store, so you know you are really in Sweden.

Here the E4 starts and goes along through all of Sweden to the south, mostly to the right and left of the road is forest, forest and once again forest. But there is a great advantage for us: despite our rather rudimentary Swedish, we can understand the signs more or less! A courageous deer runs over the E4, man oh man, if we had hit that!

When the sun is shining, the color of the water in Sweden, as well as Finland is of a gorgeous blue.

The Swedish elks look a bit different than the Finnish ones, but they are sometimes replaced by a reindeer.

When we make a little detour to a small peninsula, we actually see a reindeer!

The old town of Lulea “Gammelstad” is located about 10km inland. When the trade for the small town became too busy, Gustav II. Adolf ordered, that the city was built closer to the sea. It was only under pressure that the inhabitants moved on to the new place at the sea. Even today, about 400 houses are grouped around the old church, covered with wooden shingles.

But the newer church in Lulea is also quite nice.

There are two icebreakers in Lulea.

The tiny harbor in Järve is quite crowded, but you get to see interesting things, for example, the couple who spend hours to put up the roof tent or the Spanish one, filling their water tank with a 3-liter bucket …

The view from the old lighthouse is simply wonderful.

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