We are back at the Baltic Sea.

The city of Oulu was once the largest exporter of tar in the world, the traders earned themselves silly and stupid, while the producers in the Karelian forests had barely enough to survive.

Here our bike is getting used again. Obviously it is the bicycle city of Finland, bicycles are everywhere, and the cycle tracks are quite good.

The last stage of the river Oulujoki is in here in Oulu, the city with the unspeakable name.

The salmon is helped on its way up the river. The longest fish ladder helps it climbing up.

Naturally the market hall attracts us with its delicious food. The lively square is guarded by Toripolliisi, with whom all tourists want to make a selfie.


Right next to the market are the salt stores.

The passaging of time: 32 people run on a wall, led by the Swedish king Karl lX., followed by furry hunters, men with tar barrels and craftsmen, in short everyone who played a role in the city. At the end of the wall is a small boy, symbolizing the future. In winter, when it is very cold, he gets a hat and mittens from the inhabitants.

Of course like every city here, it has a cathedral, the inside is very simple and thus very special.

In August, a very special spectacle takes place here: the world championships in the air guitar.

Everyone gets out to enjoy the beautiful weather.


4 thoughts on “Oulu

  1. Hello.

    One thing is wrong in Your information. You wrote:

    “The city of Oulu was once the largest exporter of tea in the world”. Correct is tar, not tea!!!

    Happy and safe travels.

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