Far as the eye can see

Kuopio belongs to the province of Savo, it is a university town and the main town of this province. And Riitta’s hometown! The people of this province are to be noticed among the otherwise taciturn Finns by their open nature, which we can only confirm. Riitta would like to show us everything in this beautiful city. Center is the lively market square with the old town hall. The market hall has beautiful art nouveau ornament.

In the harbor next to the old toll house lie the excursion ships. Due to the bad weather, they have not yet started their journeys across the lake.

After a tour through the city, we drive up to the Puijo. The hill itself is 230m high, along with the 75m high view tower with the rotating restaurant. At delicious (and expensive) food we enjoy the wonderful view of the labyrinth of the lake plate and the city, lakes as far as the eye can see. You can actually get from here via rivers, lakes, and canals to the Red Sea!

In the evening, Jukka cooks the muikkukukko, which we bought at the market. Hopefully, I wrote it correct… This is the Finnish version of the Spanish Boquerones, but only it is freshwater fish.

At the market, Jukka has bought another specialty from here: Kalakukko. This is fish with bacon in bread dough. In our belly, there is no more space, but in the deep freezer in our mobile home. Jukka gives us precise instructions of the preparation, so we can eat it at home. Rainer gets a knife to open the bread correctly. Tomorrow our journey will continue.


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