Life in Finland

In Joensuu we meet Riitta and Jukka, our Finnish friends we know from Saudi Arabia. Today the end of school for their grandson will be celebrated, in Finland, a large family celebration, 80 guests and we are also invited! The house is beautifully situated on a lake. Actually, everything should take place outside, but at these temperatures … All are in festive clothes, except us, but we have thrown ourselves into the best we have taken with us. Traditional Karelian food is served for instance stuffed pirogues with egg butter.

At night we drive about 120 km to Jukka and Riitta’s house in the Finnish forests. About the last 30km are on a dirt track, it does not end, and reminds us of the Darb Zubaida, we have done together in Saudi Arabia.

Finally we arrive at a red house in the middle of the forest. It is very cozy with lots of atmosphere and lots of nature around.

We try to sit on the terrace, but it’s just too cold. Inside it is much more comfortable.

Above all, it smells so delicious here, for Jukka is baking bread.

For dinner we have elk calve and mushrooms from the own forest.

There is a sauna house at the lake with a footbridge for fishing and swimming. I dare not to ask about the water temperature …

Towards evening, the clouds disappear. The light is great, and the sky during sunset indescribable.

6 thoughts on “Life in Finland

  1. Hello! I went back to your post after our conversations and then checked our travels in Finland long ago. We were a bit further north and west (at Pyhasalmi in Pyhajarvi) and then a bit further east (at Keretti – southeast of Kuopio). And the lake country is amazing but yes, pretty lonely. Rather like interior Alaska in many ways but without the mountains. Your friends are very tough individuals : )

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