Via Karelia

I suppose that did not work! In the morning we have three degrees and more than 8 it will not reach the whole day.

Sightseeing takes place in the car. We do not want to get out into the cold. In Savonnlinna is the most impressive castle in Finland, Olavinlinna. In July, opera festivals take place, so the city is also called “the Bayreuth of the North”. For us today just a quick look out of the car!

A few kilometers further you find the “largest wooden church in the world”. The gigantic structure is slightly oversized (45m long, 42m wide, 37m high). It is narrated that the builder would have dealt with the scale, meters instead of feet, inches instead of inches – whatever.

Whether this has been the case with this giant, we don’t know. We only see him passing by.

Today our journey leads us through the most beautiful part of Finland, where the name “the land of the 1000 lakes” comes from. Lake after lake, the road right through the middle of it.. It is certainly beautiful, but unfortunately it storms and snows and rains during the whole trip, which runs just along the Russian border.

The campsite is not the hit in this weather. An unpaved road leads down to the lake, internet only available  at the front desk up at the reception and the electricity costs a proud 10 € extra. So full pipe heating! It would be very beautiful when the sun is out as you can see.

In the morning we have three degrees and it is snowing !!! Yesterday we read somewhere: The Arctic Death Spiral influences our summer. That must be it!!!

Wir fahren zum Berg Ukko-Koli. Eine kurze Standseilban bringt mich vom Parkplatz ein Stück höher. Dort muß ich nochmal steile Treppenstufen erklimmen, um die grandiose Aussicht zu genießen.

A little walk to the summit and the view is supposed to be even better – however, it is already Snowstorm again and I turn around.

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