This morning it is only 6 degrees !!! We are looking for a café on the road by a lake, the Finnish version of the “Wurzelhütte”. We get hot coffee and sunny-side-up eggs. Here we also learn that this year Finland is celebrating its 100th anniversary. Today the Scandinavian kings and queens come to Helsinki to congratulate. We can see them all on TV. We were fortunate enough to be in Helsiniki two days ago.

Lahti is the capital of sports of Finland, mostly winter sports. That fits to the weather! Three ski jumps rise up into the sky. In the summer the run-out of the largest ski jump is an outdoor swimming pool. I wonder when is it used at these temperatures?

The sky looks very dark and we save ourselves from the snow or hail storm in the ski museum. This is still under construction, but we can look at everything and even use the jump simulator. Rainer manages to reach a proud 108 meters, but I will probably not be a ski jumper in this life anymore.

There are several restaurant ships in the harbor. While it is storming outside and snowing and raining, we get a delicious lunch.

Right next to it is the Sibelius Hall, an imposing construction of glass, wood and brick, a concert hall and a congress center.

Snow-peaks and sunshine alternate on our journey.

The campsite we find is like a dream, the weather less, but the sun in the evening let us hope for tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Wintersport

  1. Yet another corner of the world to discover – thank you!! This particular area sounds a bit like Calgary in that it can snow in any month, year-round!

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