The Road of the Moose

This morning it’s still raining, well, well that must be. Our first goal is Porvoo, the second oldest Finnish city after Turku. This is also noticeable on the cobblestones, nowhere it was as bumpy as this.

The old town is manageable. High above the town is the beautifully patterned cathedral and at its feet the red salt stores from the Hanseatic period.

Many small shops with beautiful Nordic design and Finnish kitsch in small old wooden houses line the bumpy main street.

Of course, we also look at the menus, they are in Finnish and Swedish and we even can read them!

This church is called cathedral and it appears is much larger from the inside, there are even two galleries!

On our way, we pass the castle of Hämeenlinna. On this castle was built for 700 years! As impressive as it looks, inside it does not offer anything special, we do not go inside. We do not want to see the neighboring military museum either.

We head for the glass manufactory of Iittala, Finland’s most well-known manufacturer of glassware. Everyone probably knows of the famous Aalto vase, designed in 1936 by the architect Alvar Aalto. Unfortunately, the museum has closed and only the sales shop is open. It’s nice to look at, but I already own this vase.

Again and again, there are signs warning of moose along the road. There are much more signs than moo. Who is protected, the moose of the cars or the cars of the moose?

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