Foreign Language – Difficult Language

By ferry back to the mainland, we are lucky. We arrive, can go on it and it starts.

We head towards Tallinn through forest right and left to the road. We can enlarge our animal list with a deer standing in a large dandelion field.

The restaurant on the street looks nice. Luckily the menu on the back was in English.

We discover a lonely beach with many boulders in the water. And lots of birds!

Here the bird friends are asked again:

In the forest are tables and banks with barbecue and firewood. But what should we do with those instructions?

The sunset is awesome. Later, the sky was even greenish, a bit like the northern light.

In the morning we hardly trust our eyes. Two young men are coming to swim at the beach.



3 thoughts on “Foreign Language – Difficult Language

  1. The duck is , in Nederland and may be german, Bergeend. (I found it on the liflet we got from last year “groningen wanderlust”)
    The other one is like the yellow one you got before, a wagtail, “grey wagtail”. It’s why I gave you the latin name which should help you to find the right name in german, as the ones I got were from internet translator. So the family for the yellow and the the grey is motacillidae. the yellow is motacilla lava and the grey one is motacilla alba. I have to go back on your mail to remember what you wrote me……

  2. Lazy follower adds… yes, the duck in English would be the (Common) Shelduck, scientific name Tadorna tadorna. It is migratory to the Baltic area, heading there for breeding. It is a resident on the coast of England.
    The wagtail is correctly identified as Motacilla alba, but to confuse the issue, the common name in English is the Pied wagtail. The English Grey wagtail is Motacilla cinerea and has yellow under the tail, and sometimes on the breast.

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