The campground near the city of Tallinn is quite hideous and expensive. We swing on our bikes and drive along the water into the city.

As soon as we are in the old town, the many cars are noticed by me. So much to the car-free old town, as it is mentioned in every travel guide. We have become accustomed to the cobblestones.

Crowds of all nations are swept through the old town.

In the harbor is a cruise ship, in the summer there are sometimes even seven, so I heard! How many passengers are going on such a ship? In addition, the coaches from the rest of Europe and ferries from Sweden and Helsinki are there. The small old town is overrun by Tourists.

In the Nevsky Cathedral you are pushed in in queues and out again. There are two old women and begging at the entrance.

No, thank you, not with us. We delete the sights of the old town from our plan and look for a cozy place outside the old town. In the ferry port, we want to buy the tickets for the crossing to Helsinki. Until Monday evening everything is booked. On the fast ferry, we get a place for Monday morning.

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