Via Baltica to Pärnu

The forest on the right and left of the road is interrupted only by the border to Estonia.

As we turn off from the main road to our chosen overnight place, we realize to our joy: no gravel road. A nice place 200m from the beach. There are big boulders all over the beach. Is this the boulder beach?

The city of Pärnu is a seaside resort at the mouth of the River Pärnu.

In the summer, the old town is certainly very crowded, but now it is cozy here with the small colorful wooden houses, we share the place with only one Japanese bus. We find a Thai Nepali restaurant (!!!), where we get an excellent meal.

Nice, that the cobble stone only serves as decoration and one does not have to walk on it.

The colorful doors of the houses are striking.

The Estonian language melody sounds like Swedish, but the words are totally different. But now and then you even find an English translation.

The yellow-green church od St. Cathrine appears quite large, but the inside is surprisingly small. Or is it because it is so stuffed? It smells penetrating of incense. The two women politely tell me to donate € 2 for t.aking pictures.

The Tallinn Gate is the only survivor of its kind in the whole of the Baltics and the rest of a wall that was built around Pärnu in the 17th century. The road through the gate does not lead to Tallinn, however, since there was no bridge over the river so that the road to Tallinn branched off to the west and later to the north.

2 thoughts on “Via Baltica to Pärnu

  1. So… how do the Russians get to their disconnected coastal bit ? They travel through Belarus and Lithuania to get there? I know I’m a little late in the trip to ask this question but it is a might strange outlier to the Russian State, no? Sorry … I’ll try not to get so far behind in your travels!!!

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