Around Cape Kolka

Soon we will roll over the Latvian border.

The main roads are good, but all the streets leading from the main road are gravel roads. And so is the one to the place we choose to spend the night. It is almost like in South Africa “op di pad”!

For the dust, we are rewarded with a wonderful place.

Our TV doesn’t do what it is supposed to do. Perhaps we are too far north or east or both – Rainer tries to adjust the antenna. A young Lette quickly brought him a ladder. In return, he gets his bike pumped up. Unfortunately, the trouble at the antenna is in vain, maybe something is broken.

But who needs TV when you have such a sunset?

Amber or not?

Most of the time we drive through forest, trees but trees right and left to the road, even if the sea is not far away. Since our departure, we have seen a fox, two hares, and a snake. Today we can add three elks.

The memorial “Sail of Hope” stands in the dunes behind the sea. It recalls the dangerous flight of Latvian citizens between 1943 and 1945. They fled from a second Russian invasion and the violent enforcement of socialism. Their destination, the island of Gotland (170km) was not reached by all ships. Many were overloaded and not seaworthy.

The city of Ventspils is our next destination. Next to the car park is the Orthodox Church. ALL the women in the church wear a headscarf.

Everywhere in the city, one encounters cow sculptures, the remains of an international artist’s project.

A few pictures from Ventspils:

Cape Kolka is located at the entrance to the bay of Riga.

Our next campsite is also located on the beautiful beach of the Baltic Sea.


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