Ännchen von Tharau

Until the WWII the city Klaipeda was called Memel and was one of the northeastern cities of Prussia. It was inhabited almost exclusively by Germans. After their flight, Lithuanians and Russians moved into the almost deserted houses in 1945.

Since we do not have a proper city map, we have trouble finding our way around.

This is particularly difficult with this street cover, The best is to walk in the middle of the street, the cobblestones are at least smooth …

The great old sailing ship finally shows us the way. We have made a complete circle around the old town.

But finally, we find the “Annchen von Tharau”, a song all Germans of our generation had to learn at school.

Only by coincidence, we find the miraculous little mouse, who can make miracles come true by whispering the right magic formula in its ear. The right magic formula is engraved on the bronze band below. It is called: Keep thoughts in words – and words are miracles! Should one now whisper in German or English or Lithuanian?

Today we dare to taste the Lithuanian cuisine. It does not just look good, it also tasted good.

Today Klaipeda hosts a music festival. The marching band sounds very German, but we don’t understand a word.


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