Our trip is not always easy.

Kaunas is the second largest city in Lithuania. There are still overhead busses.

The castle was built in the 13th century at the strategically important confluence of Neris and Nemunas (that is the name of the Memel today) as a bulwark against the Crusaders. In the following centuries, a prosperous trading town grew, which was the only city in Lithuania to belong to the Hanseatic League.

The “white swan” stands on the main square, not a church, but the town hall.

Around the place, you can find many churches. The door of the large brick cathedral “St. Peter and Paul” is invitingly open. And we are surprised by the inside.

Close by is the “House of the God of Thunder”, a trading house of the Hanseatic League from the 15th century. During reconstruction work in the 19th century, a bronze statue representing the God of thunder (Perkunas) was found in a wall.

We discover the strange sculpture of the grasshopper.

A late, but very good lunch completes our visit.

Streetart in Kaunas

From Kaunas we drive westwards through meadows and fields, and many stork nests. Sometimes you can see the river. Velinouna is situated on the top of the hillside. From here you have a nice view of the valley of the River Nemunas.

We follow the recommendation in our travel guide and land on a beautiful campsite. The meadow is no longer yellow but white, the dandelion blossoms have become blowballs.

At night we get a serenade by the many frogs.

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