Vilnius, the Capital of Lithuania

The border between Poland and Lithuania is a real European border: no passport, no border controls, nothing. After the border is everything as before: still yellow dandelion meadows on the right and left, the road signs are just as unreadable as before. Only time has changed by an hour.


Unfortunately, it is not a bicycle city. On the road is either a lot of traffic or t is paved with cobblestones. The walkway is also used as the cycle path. It is so bad that cycling is very difficult. In addition there are 30cm high curbs and a lot of pedestrians. So not the pure joy!

Somewhere I read, Vilna is the Jerusalem of the East. There are churches in all variations.





The large cathedral is different from other churches. In the nave, paintings are hanging on all walls and columns.




Since it also starts to rain, we have enough of sightseeing and bike back to the campsite. Lack of good road maps, we are glad when we reach it.


One thought on “Vilnius, the Capital of Lithuania

  1. Yup – cobblestones are very bad for biking! But your photographs are fabulous and the white church …. so very unusual, in deed!

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