Across Masuria

On the way from Frambork we are pretty shaken up. The road is so bad that we can not enjoy the beautiful tree-lined streets.

To the east of Ketrzyn (Rastenburg), one can visit the remains of the “Wolfsschanze”, the former bunker system of Nazi leadership and the leader’s headquarters. A circular route leads through the approximately 3 square kilometers of terrain. When they left in January 1945 the Nazis blew up the huge bunkers, which had walls up to 10m thick. There are only broken and decayed concrete blocks, nature has already partially taken back the terrain.

In 1992, a memorial stone was erected. It reminds of the failed assassination attempt on Hitler on 20 July 1944.

Across Masuria we drive to Suwalki. The predominant color is yellow. There are huge dotted yellow meadows full of dandelion.



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