External Border of Europe

In the morning we have snowfall(!!!) and then rain is down pouring, we decide to stay where we are. Here we electricity (warm!) and internet.

The next morning it is still cold, but because the sun is shining, the world looks different. We drive to the “Frische Nehrung”, a 70km long peninsula, which separates the “Frische Haff” from the Baltic Sea. About half of it belongs to Poland, the other half to Russia. Unfortunately, the road goes through the forest and you can only catch a glimpse of the water from time to time.

The last Polish village at the peninsula is Piaski.

There is a primitive but clean campsite overlooking the “Fresh Haff”.

We bike the 5km to the Russian border. It is not easy to get there. First, everything is barricaded, then comes a barrier and finally a slipped road dredger.

Then we reach a Schengen external border of Europe. Pretty unspectacular, I expected soldiers with guns. There is only a car on the Polish side, that’s all.

The guy from the campsite told us there are wild boars around. They are not aggressive, but they should not be fed. Here they come running toward us. Later we see them again, they run along the village street. This seems normal here.

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