The Castle of the Teutonic Order

Route No 22 leads direction north-east through endless beech tree forest, the fresh green looks great.

But the dark black sky doesn’t mean anything good. All of sudden we drive through violent snow, is this a late fool’s day joke?

The campsite is located opposite the Marienburg in Marlbork. We are able to see the huge castle from the camper.

You can reach the castle via a pedestrian bridge, but you have to walk almost all around to the cash desk. But luckily, the sightseeing tour of the castle starts here. A powerful knight’s castle with huge defensive walls and pointed towers waits to be explored.

The „Marienburg“ was originally built by the Teutonic Knights, a German Roman Catholic religious order of crusaders in the 13th and 14th century. After the setback of the crusaders in the Holy land, the order moved its headquarters here and expanded its power. This castle is supposed to be the largest brick castle of the Middle Ages. The military power of the Teutonic Knights faded in the 15th century. Later the Polish kings resided here.

By 1945, the castle was destroyed in many parts. Thanks to extensive restoration work, nowadays the castle almost looks as it did six centuries ago.

We follow the instructions of the audioguide, stairs up and down from one huge hall to the next, from one exhibition to the other, back in the yard, down in the cellar, up to the balcony etc.

The hand of the Madonna has been found among the ruins. The figure is over 8 meters tall.

The castle has an exceptional heating system for that time. In the depth of the cellar, vaults were heated nd the ascending heat was directed to the floor of the chambers above.

The view from the tower would have been great for sure, but after three hours walking up and down to climb the tower – that was too just much!

2 thoughts on “The Castle of the Teutonic Order

  1. Cool castle, I love a good drawbridge; no doubt you completed more than 10,000 steps during your visit!

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