The Alhambra and its garden we have visited several times, the city of Granada never so far. The campground is located far outside of downtown. These people are spoilt by the enormous number of tourists. The staff is quite unfriendly and we never had to pay 30€ for an ACSI campground!

The “probably most beautiful city of Spain” doesn’t open up to us. Perhaps the lack of proper bike tracks, perhaps the heavy traffic or the heat – I don’t know. We don’t like it very much.




At least we eat very good!

A small round trip through the Albaicin we quite like. The Albaicin is the oldest quarter of Granada and offers a gorgeous view of the Alhambra.


While my haM enjoys a coffee, I visit Casa Chapiz, a most beautiful restored house, which hosts a library – unfortunately only visible through the windows.




7 thoughts on “Granada

  1. Hmm, I missed Granada and the Alhambra this visit, and I’m still in two minds as to whether to go in future. I believe it’s a lot of walking in the Alhambra

  2. The last time we visited Alhambra was 2003 in July and we had no problem going in. Now you might be able to book via the internet, they will tell you about a time.

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