Through the La Mancha to Andalusia

Burgos lies above 900m of altitude. This explains the chilly temperatures in the morning. To the right and left of the road  are many faded sunflower flields, somehow a very sad sight.

Just before Madrid is a small nature reserve. The campsite is laid out on terraces, this gives you a nice view of the countryside. There is even a map with bike tracks. The same are on our new biking map “Vias Verdes in Spain”. This should be disused railway tracks. We must have overlooked the addition “y rural caminos”. This bike path belongs in any case to the last category, only recommended for mountain bikes!



In the next village, there is a tent filled with music and dancing people. Another fiesta? Or only Sunday entertainment? Who cares? We are more interested in the nice restaurant, where we get a very pleasant meal. After the tent is empty… For our way back we take the tarmac road (for cars!) it’s better for our tyres!



We bypass Madrid surprisingly good. After we cross the endless country of “La Mancha”, glowing golden because of the countless harvested wheat fields. You have reached the border to Andalusia when you can only see olive trees and when you smell the olives even while driving!



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