Burgos, city of Castile

We never visited Burgos. That’s the opportunity, it is on our route to the Mediterranean coast. From the campsite to the city it is not far. Soon we can see the cathedral .dscn6447_new

It looks like all the people of Burgos are here. There is a medieval market, and many people are dressed up in medieval costumes.



The huge city gate leads to the center of the old town.


The alleys with lots of little bars are crowded with men, women, and kids. Small music groups heat up the atmosphere, people are singing and dancing like on carnival in Cologne.

The huge cathedral towers above the old city. It is the third biggest cathedral of Spain, after Sevilla and Toledo.


Because I am the proud owner on an e-bike, I can easily reach the castell, and enjoy the beautiful view from up here.


When I am down again, all the people have left! Perhaps they all went home for siesta.

Burgos is a city along the pilgrim’s route to Santiago de Compostela. The signs are everywhere – pilgrims, hostels and the omnipresent shell.


Everywhere you can meet human sculptures.

Live or not alive? Many have doubts, this sculpture (or man) has a size of more than two meters.


One thought on “Burgos, city of Castile

  1. What wonderful good fortune your timing for Burgos! Thank you for the wonderful photographs — as always !

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