Cathedral of Art

The last kilometers in France strain our nerves, roundabout after roundabout – sometimes one  every 100 metres! After passing the border to Spain it is more pleasant – the highway is free here. Even our TomTomTussi has problems to find the way through the street tangle of Bilbao to the campsite. At the end awaits us a beautiful view over the town.



We can not use the bikes, we are very high on the mountain. But there is a bus coming every 15 minutes.




At the Plaza Nueve is lined with many tapas bars. Our first Spanish meal!




Since 1997 the city owns a Guggenheim Museum and access to the huge collection.



Our guide says: The fear is justified, the fascinating architecture of the futuristic building could put its content in the shadows. That explains our feelings very good. Most of the pieces of art say nothing to us. The audio guide gives explanations to each piece of art but I ask myself if the artist would say the same if asked…

“Shadows” of Andy Warhol


“The Matter of Time” of Richard Serras


A famous German newspaper called the building “a calculated chaos of angles and waves”.



In front of the entrance to the Guggenheim Museum:


2 thoughts on “Cathedral of Art

  1. We saw the museum when it was very new and, I must admit, what I remember is the building – not the art work on display at the time : (

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